We establish your chemo-resistant cell line

If ChemoScreen does not have the chemo-resistant cell line you need, consider having ChemoScreen develop it for you. This service should be cost-effective for you because of efficiencies resulting from ChemoScreen's experience and expertise in developing chemo-resistant cell lines since 2011. For $500 per month ChemoScreen will provide the following service: (1) Propagate cells in two T225 cm2 flasks in the presence of your compound(s) of interest, (2) monitor cells twice weekly to keep cells under the optimum selection pressure, (3) re-feed and subculture as necessary, (4) cryopreserve two vials of cells each month and (5) provide you with an estimate of the IC50 each month. You let ChemoScreen know when to stop selection and within one week we will ship three vials of cells cryopreserved at the last time-point and email you a data summary that includes cell line identity authentication and culture medium exchange/compound addition/concentration dates.

Although developing a chemo-resistant cell line appears relatively straightforward, the risks of choosing an inefficient selection method or inadvertent contamination with a microbe or another cell line are considerable. To explore having ChemoScreen develop your chemo-resistant cell line call us on 512.921.9015. You can also submit you query or request a quote using the Message Box on the Contact Us page.

Let ChemoScreen develop your chemo-resistant cell line while you focus on the more creative tasks.