In vivo screen

Screen compound against chemo-resistant cells in vivo

Many of ChemoScreen's chemo-resistant cell lines form tumors in nude mice. To offer clients an opportunity to evaluate their compound on chemo-resistant cells in vivo, ChemoScreen has partnered with Explorer BioLabs, a preclinical contract research lab focused on in vivo disease models of cancer. Explora BioLabs has been performing high quality, cost-effective in vivo studies for over 10 years. Most useful information is gained from comparing the compound's activity on both chemo-resistant cells and the parental cells without acquired resistance. Each compound evaluation assay includes a control to demonstrate that the chemo-resistant cells are less sensitive than parental cells to the drug used to generate resistance. To explore having ChemoScreen evaluate your compound on chemo-resistant cells in vivo, call us on 512.921.9015. You can also submit you query or request a quote using the Form on the Contact Us page.