Value propositions details: Avoid expensive pitfalls

Have ChemoScreen develop your chemo-resistant cell line for $500 per month and avoid expensive pitfalls: Microbial contamination of the developing cell line might delay progress for several weeks if the culture needs to be restarted from cells cryopreserved at an earlier time-point. Even with extensive cell culture experience, decontaminating a cell culture with antibiotics often requires significant effort or may even be impossible. Contamination with another cell line might delay establishing the chemo-resistant cell line for months since its detection requires molecular authentication of the cells. ChemoScreen minimize these risks through the use of good cell culture practices which include (1) preparing tissue culture medium in a decontaminated Class II biological safety cabinet, (2) using bottles of tissue culture medium dedicated for use with only one cell line type, (3) decontaminating the hood and pipettes in between handling each cell line, (4) using only pipette tips and serological pipettes with aerosol filters, (5) verifying cell line genotype intermittently during cell line development. Further details can be found on the QUALITY page.