Deposit your cell line at ChemoScreen

Procedure and Benefits of Depositing


  • You ship the cryopreserved cells to ChemoScreen to archive and make available to research customers
  • You provide technical details and the selling price to be listed in the ChemoScreen catalog
  • We email you with each Requester's inquiry and you decide whether to make cells available.
  • You provide your MTA to the Requester to specify terms of use.
  • We ship cells to the Requester only after we have received a fully-executed MTA from you.
  • Commercialize your cell line

  • Save time and money associated with shipping samples; you focus on creativity
  • Keep your cell lines organized and archived for future access.
  • Track requests for your cell lines.
  • Improve the visibility of your research with ChemoScreen's searchable and accessible cell line catalog.
  • Increase citations for your publications.
  • COST

  • Just $100 per annum to store five (5) replicate vials of cryopreserved cells (one vial stored at a different facility).
  • Optional: ChemoScreen performs STR analysis to authenticate cell line ($50) and mycoplasma testing ($50) with results posted in catalog listing.
  • Optional: ChemoScreen prepares five additional vials of cells to replace those shipped to research customers ($750 including authentication and mycoplasma testing).
  • Scientists requesting your cell line will appreciate ChemoScreen's rapid turn-around time and gain efficiencies from the ability to receive it together with cell lines from other depositors.