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Motivation: I founded ChemoScreen to provide research and drug development scientists with a cost-effective way to obtain a variety of products and services based on a chemotherapy-resistant tumor cell platform. My motivation was to support the development of drug candidates by providing scientists with knowledge about the spectrum of activity of their compound against tumor cells with acquired resistance to relevant chemotherapeutic agents. I was also motivated by working on projects that give me the satisfaction of knowing that they might contribute to making life-threatening diseases more chronic, manageable conditions (see our value prop tab).

Technical expertise: The technical area represents a sweet-spot for me: I researched tumor stem cell interaction with extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins a while back: In 1987 while at Imperial College (London, UK), with colleagues from the Institute of Cancer Research, I co-authored a report in Nature entitled altered adhesive interactions with marrow stroma of haemopoietic progenitor cells in chronic myeloid leukaemia (Nature. 328:242-244). In 1991 I completed my PhD thesis entitled “stem cells in chronic myeloid leukemia” and first-authored additional reports on tumor cell-ECM interactions (Blood. 78:499-505) as well as identifying the relationship between BCR/abl gene subtypes in this leukemia and the tumor cell’s response to interferon-α (Br J Haematol. 77:165-71). I also co-authored a report describing that resistance to standard of care drugs in chronic and acute phase CML was not associated with increased MDR1 expression (Leukemia. 4:695-9). I have worked in preclinical drug development since 1993 and held positions at Systemix/Novartis (Director), Hollis-Eden (Vice President), Terapio (Vice President) and Cleveland BioLabs (Director) developing stem cell, small molecule and protein therapeutic candidates.

Project management expertise: While at Assay Depot (Vice President), my knowledge and experience in outsourcing preclinical research over more than a decade helped develop what is now the World’s largest marketplace for preclinical services. Thus, I have good insight into what a customer wants; a thorough understanding of the service or product to assess whether it is appropriate and cost-effective, and, if it is a service, careful execution, status updates and accurate and timely reporting of results.

Charles Dowding, PhD

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